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1 year ago


Speaker A:

Incoming transmission from the radiograph.

Speaker B:

Hello, and welcome back to the radiograph, your renegade station at the edge of reality. We're broadcasting today from the cliffs of the great California blast crater. Looks like hazy red skies to the southwest, so everyone remember to travel in pairs and stick to the shadows till sundown. This episode is brought to you by the pilot pirate disco, home of the valley's most underground concert series. Catch secret shows from velvet Mushroom, Casey Van Casey, Purple urchins, and more. Visit for details. And if anyone asks, remember you've never been to the pirate disco. Okay, today we have a flashback submitted by Jasmine 74 in coastal Canyon.

Speaker A:

Last year, I was working out near Malibu Heights, and on my way home, I stopped at the beach. I remember walking barefoot, listening to the waves roll in and out. It was really soothing. Then I saw this big group of seagulls. They started laughing because this one bird was standing up at the front like it was giving a speech. And the rest were all gathered around like an audience, like they were listening. Back then, I thought it was just this weird, funny moment. But after what happened this week, I mean, I saw the videos, the way they set fire to the Ferris wheel. I keep flashing back to that day, and it's haunting me, and I keep hearing them everywhere.

Speaker B:

Thank you, Jasmine 74, for sending in that flashback. We do appreciate it. And thank you all for tuning in. We appreciate you, too. Until next time, this is the radiograph, and we'll see you on the other side.

Speaker A:

Radiograph, turn on your x ray radio.

I keep hearing them everywhere.