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9 months ago

Lunar Distance

Speaker A:

Incoming transmission from the radiograph.

Speaker B:

Welcome back to the radiograph, your renegade station at the edge of reality. Today we're broadcasting from the moon. For the most part, it's a cold, quiet, rocky desert. And there's not much to do except stare back at an amazing view of the earth. The very place you just escaped from. So let's go back to those early days. When trips to the moon were a rare and dangerous journey. That had only been experienced by a small handful of people in all of human history. This is purple urchins with lunar distance.

Speaker C:

Ten, nine. We have ignition sequence start. The engines are on.

Speaker A:

4321. Coming to you right from the moon. Vast, rolling for a big expanse of nothing. Okay, we're standing by. I see unexpected things. That is totally different from what we can observe on Earth. It's been a real useful machine to.

Speaker D:

Think we're the last guys to use it. Yes. Yes. Well, it certainly did a good job. Served its purpose.

Speaker B:

That's all for now. Until next time, this is the radiograph coming at you live from the moon. We'll see you again real soon. Back down on the pale blue dot we call Earth.

Speaker A:

Radiograph. Turn on your x ray. Radio. Our channel.

Today we're broadcasting from the Moon.